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Our Bedroom

    Our Bedroom: Where we are and where we’re going

    August 5, 2017

    We are seven weeks into home ownership and things are starting to feel a bit more like home. After spending quite a bit of time simply making our house livable, we’re ready to get down to business and make it feel like our home. First up: the bedroom.

    Our room is in the far back corner of the house. The windows look into our wooded backyard and face east. We get some pretty magical morning light with reflections of glittering leaves.

    Last weekend we busted out our painting supplies and painted the room Deep Breath by Behr. It’s a dark saturated blue with a hit of green. We settled on the color after several trips to Home Depot and eight swatches painted on the wall. The employees behind the paint counter are starting to get to know us.

    Let’s remind everyone where we started:

    The room had been painted what we initially thought was white when the previous owned staged the house to sell. But what we eventually figured out is that the house is actually painted a yellowish white, which we’re not a fan of.

    We swatched our first round of colors (1-4) and decided they were a tad too dark, so we went back for four more (5-8). They all look the same in these sad iPhone photos, but I promise they’re different. The one we chose is swatch 8.

    So last Saturday we pushed the furniture into the middle of the room, put down some plastic and got to work.

    And here we are!


    Note the glittering morning light on the bed.

    The dark paint helps to hide the TV I insist on keeping in our room for late night bingeing on vintage The Price is Right episodes.

    Not bad! The paint made a huge difference. In addition, we’ve also replaced the door knobs, switch plates and register vents. The place is feeling decidedly more crisp.

    But there’s still a whole lot we want to do.

    Let’s start with lighting. We don’t have any… except for the lamps you see on our nightstands and in the corner above. One of the major problems in our house is that there’s not a whole lot of overhead lighting going on. It’s dark. We like light… so it’s got to change. We’ll be installing LED can lighting and a ceiling fan overhead.

    As far as the ceiling fan goes, we’re really intrigued with the Haiku L-Series fan by Big Ass Solutions. It’s a smart fan that’d link up with our Wink smart home hub and Amazon Echo. But at around $600, it may be excessive. We’re also digging a couple other more basic fans by Hunter like the Cranbrook Low Profile and Dempsey Low Profile. The verdict is still out on this one.

    Once we install the overhead lighting, we can remove the black floor lamp and replace it with something more useful. We’re thinking some small corner shelves. We’ve also talked about another small storage piece or a vanity. We’re not sure, but what we know is that we need to make use of every inch of our small bedroom for storage.

    You may also notice a lack of any kind of window coverings. While we have a lot more privacy at our new house than we did in the city, we should probably have the option of closing things off a bit. We’re leaning towards installing simple white roman shades in this room and throughout the house.

    Our dresser is vintage, designed by Kipp Stewart and Stewart McDougall as part of the Declaration line for Drexel furniture. We found it at Main Street Modern in Canton, Ohio, about an hour south of where I grew up in Northeast Ohio. My mom drove six hours to our new house with the dresser half hanging out of her bungeed shut trunk. Thanks, Mom! It’s a beautiful piece with a built-in vanity, but it needs some work.

    We’re excited to add some sconces on each side of our bed. We’re loving the Orb Sconce by Lucent light shop in brass. We’ve also been debating about whether we want to hardwire them or get a plug-in sconce. Plug-in is obviously cheaper (we’d have to install junction boxes), but wouldn’t be as clean. But then again, it does offer more flexibility in the future if we want to change things up.

    Someday we’d like to rip our closet out and install in-wall IKEA Pax wardrobes, a la Yellow Brick Home. Our closet actually extends all the way to the door, but those two feet aren’t very accessible.

    For now, we’d like to paint the doors Behr Ultra White. We’re using this on all of our trim throughout the house. If you look at the photo closely, you’ll notice some paint peeled off when we taped off the closet for painting. That’s what happens when you don’t properly prime your doors, folks! We’ll also be replacing the knobs with something modern and matte black like the door knobs.

    Fan | Sconce | Nightstands | Dresser | Planters | Bed | Rug | Pillow | Bedding from West Elm, discontinued

    The art and accessories are likely subject to change, but this is our general direction! The mood board above reflects the eventual change we’d like to make to the closet, but the rest is pretty attainable.

    Our next step… hiring an electrician. I’ve never been so excited about overhead lighting!