We’re Martin and Wendy… and we bought a house! A pretty cool one, we think.

The thing is, we’re a couple with strong opinions about what we want our house to look like. We’re lucky that our house has pretty solid bones and a clean slate to work with (read: no ugly carpet or wallpaper), but we’re looking forward to making some edits. If we’re being honest with ourselves, we were really meant to be homeowners (sorry previous landlords). We like tile and paint swatches a little more than the people next door. We maybe spend our free time making Pinterest boards filled with mid-century pieces and closet inspiration. So folks, it’s time to let it all out there. We finally have a place of our own.

Follow along as we set down some roots in our home in the woods. And yes, they will be modern.

By day, Martin is a clinical pharmacist with a creative alter ego. When not at work, you can usually find him tinkering in his workshop with a diet Coke. He’s dabbled in a lot of mediums over the year, but is looking forward to applying his power tools to a new one: our house. Find his past projects on his personal blog at marbisho.com.

Wendy is a graphic designer who probably should’ve been an interior designer (oops). Monday through Friday she works full time at a tech company and freelances on the side. You can find her work here. In her downtime, she enjoys digging through vintage shops, binge watching crappy television shows and living vicariously through the many bloggers she follows.