A mood board for the little office

August 25, 2017

If you follow us on Instagram, then you may have caught that Martin’s been working on a new desk for our office. He’s coined it the “Wendy Desk.” Quite a while ago, maybe before we even lived together, we talked about him building a custom desk, just for me. Here we are, a couple years later, and it’s finally happening. He’ll be talking about his process of building it within the coming weeks.

With the birth of this new desk is the opportunity to put the office together. It’s kind of become a dumping ground since we moved in. You know, that one room that you ditch all the items you just don’t want to deal with? I’ve recently begun keeping the door closed because I honestly just don’t want to look at it.

But truthfully, I’ll be super relieved to put it together. Between the two of us, we tend to have creative things going on all the time and those tasks could use an ultra creative and put-together home.

Let’s talk about this room. It’s small… really small. It’s about 10’x8.5′, so as a bedroom it’s pretty tiny.

But lucky for us, we don’t need a third bedroom. Not right now, at least. As an office, it’ll be great, and at this stage of our lives that’s exactly what we need.

It’s a pretty blank slate to work with. Off-white walls, parquet floor, one window and a small closet. The only update we’ve made thus far is to the door. We painted it Behr Ultra White (which we’ll be carrying through the house) and replaced the door knob with a Schlage matte black passage knob (also throughout the house).

Unlike the other two bedrooms, this one had overhead lighting when we moved in. But unfortunately, it’s really, really odd. I’m not sure why it was configured this way, with two track lights surrounding the tiniest ceiling fan ever, but I suppose I’m happy it exists. Eventually, I think we’ll reconfigure this to be something more practical and/or pretty, but for now it can stay.

The vibe we’re going for in the office is the same we’ll strive for in the whole house — mid-century modern, lots of wood and white, blues and gold.

In this case, we’ll be painting the room Blue Peacock by Sherwin Williams. I wish I could say we had a brilliant reason for choosing this color, but truthfully it’s because we already own a gallon of it. We painted our old dining room this color and it was a beautiful, moody dark teal that really played with the light in a nice way. So not only do we already own it, but we miss it.

Blue peacock will go about 3/4 of the way up the wall, and the top quarter will be painted white. Behr Ultra White will be used to refresh all the trim and the closet doors.

Luckily for us, we already own most of the items in this mood board, but there are a few items we’ll be picking up.

  1. First and foremost, the desk. As mentioned, Martin is building this as we speak out of oak and melamine. Last winter, I won a set of Pretty Pegs in an Instagram contest from Erin over at Cotton and Flax. It was amazing! I never win anything, guys. I chose a set of the Estelle 700s in a teak finish with this particular project in mind and I couldn’t be more excited to use them.
  2. I’ve been stalking this Rue Cambon Office Chair from CB2 since it came out. I thought the gold sides would go nicely with the desk legs.
  3. I ordered the chair this morning along with the white Go-Cart. Along with a printer, we also own a Circuit Explore Air 2, and I’m excited to be able to store them one on top of another. The middle shelf will be great storage, too.
  4. We own everything from this point on. I bought this IKEA Lappljung Ruta rug almost 5 years ago while living in Phoenix. It’s certainly been well loved and I may replace it some day, but for now I think the graphic black and white pattern will inject a lot of fun into the room.
  5. Unfortunately for everyone who doesn’t already own this unit, most of the IKEA Sprutt line has been discontinued. I love this thing! And it’s great for holding all of our crafting odds and ends in an organized fashion.
  6. I picked up this screen print from Sean Wes years ago. I’ve always felt this saying is an important reminder.
  7. Another IKEA piece. They do an annual art event and I believe this print was part of the 2015 collection.
  8. What kind of designer doesn’t already own something from Good Fucking Design Advice? This print is so fun and so true.
  9. Also in a true designer fashion — a letterpress tray I picked up from a vintage shop in Phoenix years ago. These are so fun to fill with tiny odds and ends.
  10. Lastly, this IKEA Ranarp Work Lamp is such high quality for what it is! I love the braided black and white cord and gold accents.

We’ll be topping the room off, literally, with a shelf that stretches from wall to wall above the desk. I’m excited to have a proper home for all of my design books.

And there you have it folks — a plan for the little office! It’ll be great to have a home for all the late night crafting. Who knows — maybe I’ll even surrender my spot on the couch next to my cat and write this blog from that desk. Not likely… but let’s hope for the best, shall we?

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