Love at first look

July 5, 2017

Believe it or not, our house was the first house we viewed when we started our house hunt. To be fair, we looked at quite a bit more afterward, but we scheduled the viewing for this one first because we were most excited about it. When we pulled up to the house and were getting ready to take a look, I asked our realtor what would happen if we loved it. The spring is a fierce time to house hunt. If you like something, you have to jump. Would it be crazy to jump at the first house we saw?

Well, you know where the story goes…

Settle in, grab a coffee. This is a long post, friends. This is what the house looked like that very first time we saw it. A little plain, a tad boring, but potential? We think so.

The front of our house — you’ve seen it before. Bricks, brown trim, little globe light. The house was built in 1972, so she feels a bit mid-century.

I’d call this house more of a split-entry than a split-level. It has two full levels, but when you walk in you either go up or down. Choose your own adventure!

If you choose to go up, you’ve entered our main living space.

Our neighbors tell us the previous owners had the house staged. While we’re not a big fan of that overstuffed couch, they included some pretty cool mid-century pieces that certainly helped to literally sell the house.

Exhibit A: that awesome wall unit hiding behind our lovely realtor above. We were also big fans of that globe light. But those things are just details. What we really loved here were the great bones — the large windows, vaulted ceilings and hardwood flooring. Yes, yes, and yes.

The kitchen, well, we don’t love it quite as much, but it isn’t too offensive.

Neutral light wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, white walls… we can work with this, for now.

Can you imagine if the walls were opened up? We can.

If you walk to the right at the top of the stairs, instead, you’ll enter the hallway to our bedrooms and bathroom. Anyone notice how the floor is different? Hmmm…

The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. They all live in this part of the house.

First door on the right: our smallest bedroom. This lofted bed isn’t hiding the fact that this bedroom is really small. For us, sans kids, that’s okay. It’ll be a great office.

At the end of the hall is the second bedroom. It’s actually not a bad size. The white desk came with the house and unfortunately seems to be held onto the wall with industrial strength glue.

Moving on, you’ll find the master bedroom on the left at the end of the hallway.

Off the master bedroom is maybe the smallest master bathroom of all time. It’s not ideal, but — hey, at least it exists! We have some ideas about how to make it more efficient.

Back to the hallway, the last door belongs to the hall bathroom. Note the pretty sweet bird tiles in the shower. Green wouldn’t be our first color choice, but the fixtures are neutral and some paint will go a long way in here.

Back to that adventure — if you choose to go down the stairs when you enter the house, you’ll find the doors to both our garage and the den.

Let’s start with the den.

Here she is in all her brick wall and carpeted glory. The nice thing about a split entry is the lower level still has decent windows and thus plenty of natural light. That’s a big plus.

Surrounding the brick fireplace, these somewhat odd stained plywood build-in bookcases. But all-in-all, not a bad room! It’s a good size and a second living space. This means I get to watch my Monday night trash TV man free.

A couple large storage closets and the laundry room also live down here. On the left is the fourth sliding glass door in house. It leads to under the deck in the back yard.

On the opposite side of the lower level is the garage. A two car garage, folks! As we learned, this is kind of a rarity in our area.

Along with our two cars, it has enough room for a great workspace for Martin and all kinds of storage.

And now for the best part — the back yard. This yard could have sold the house itself. Our neighbors tell us this used to be the party house — we can see why. That’s a reputation we intend to uphold. The yard is too great not to hang out in.


Through the sliding glass doors in both our dining room and living room is this deck. It’s not a bad size and would be great on it’s own, but if you go down the stairs it only gets better.

There’s more deck! A two story deck is pretty cool, and this is an especially large one.

It even has a wrap around bench.

Ah yes, a bit of a different flavor than the city…

And that, folks, is the house. Needless to say, we were sold. It’s not huge or glamorous, but it felt like a home — one that we could envision ourselves living in and making our own. No strange wallpaper, minimal carpet, and those trees! This house remained on our mind through the duration of our house hunt. After 10 or so houses, we couldn’t stop thinking of it. We made an offer and we jumped, and here we are.

Up next, the house with our things in it. It’s already looking better.






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